Build a Better Plate

I help make nutrition simple.|inclusive.|attainable.

Gain control of your blood sugar levels by learning how to build a better plate (while still including the foods you like) and identify lifestyle changes you need to make.

Find Out What Your Diet Says About You!

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With over 10+ years of experience, my sweet spot is to empower and equip you to learn how to manage your blood sugar levels.

Group Coaching

Need help with your blood sugars? The small group coaching program is offered four times per year to those who need more foundational support & guidance in a group setting.

Self-Study Course

This self-study program teaches how you can start managing your blood sugar numbers and building a better plate in five weeks while enjoying your favorite foods (including carbs).

VIP, One-on-One

Recommended for those who need daily accountability & direct access to a dietitian nutritionist.  If you feel your case is unique or complex, this option is for you.

If you’re looking for such a dietitian, I believe you’ve just met her — yours truly!

Think of me as a reliable nerdy friend who you can always count on to answer all your nutrition questions.

Prior to working together, I struggled with establishing eating routines.  I was unsure about how to eat in a way that is healthy, without depriving myself from foods I enjoy.  I would recommend Ms. Kim Rose to anyone seeking a dietician. She is very easy to talk to and the advice she suggested was delivered in a gentle but direct manner. The communication with Mrs. Rose was encouraging and focused primarily on me achieving my goals.  Accountability is KEY! Ms. Kim Rose knew exactly how to guide me into a very doable eating schedule, well balanced meals and an encouraging workout routine.  It has made all the difference in my life and I am extremely pleased with my results.  I have already recommended her to everyone who has asked me, “How did you do it?”

 – April