I help make nutrition easy!

As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, Kim provides nutrition consultations and educational resources to hundreds of clients, students, and interns.

What I do

I equip current and future dietitians with the tools they need to expand their knowledge of clinical dietetics and gain confidence as a practitioner.


Understand the components of nutrition support, but need guided practice when it comes to tube feedings and parenteral nutrition? Check out these worksheets specifically designed to guide each step of the way.

Video Workshops

Needing a little more one-on-one instruction with nutrition support? Grab these videos to aid you in your understanding of each of the major components for complete parenteral nutrition (CPN) . Each video provides a real world, post surgical case scenario to guide you into mastering CPNs.


“As a dietetics educator I am always interacting with my students about career opportunities in dietetics, especially those that are less common. Kim Rose’s YouTube videos are engaging and provide reliable information on a variety of topics in dietetics, from practice, to careers and hot topics, so I feel confident recommending them to my students when they are looking for more insight.

—Ashlee, MS, RDN, Assistant Professor of Practice, ISPP Dietetic Internship Coordinator, University of Arizona